Your Questions About Can Innocent Heart Murmurs Get Worse

James asks…

Heart murmur?

I was diagnosed with an innocent heart murmur yesterday, I have never had one before, I know there is no treatment as its very common, mine has been caused by stress,
What I want to know is can this sort of heart murmur form into a serious one over time.
I know serious ones are caused by heart defects and things but lets say for arguments sake I never have heart defects or anything. I’m not worried about my heart murmur cos I know its so common and nothing to worry about but just want to know if its able to get worse or is there just minor and major and no formation from one to the other and im not going to say if not treated cos there is no treatment for minor once, thanks

Dave answers:

At least get an M and 2D echocardiogram to fully evaluate, since most innocent or functional murmurs often involve a slight degree of mitral valve prolapse (which doesn’t have to be a real big deal).

Donna asks…

Could you survive a heart attack without medical attention?

I asked this earlier but only got one answer =/

The other week i had extremely bad palpitations, really bad fluttering for hours. And i got a VERY bad pain in my chest. It was sort of in the middle going all the way through my chest to my back (in between my shoulder blades). I also had tingling in my arm/hand, and dizziness. This pain lasted a good hour or so (maybe more).

I told my mum who shrugged it off as indigestion (although i hadn’t eaten for a while). And the palpitations due to the fact that i hadn’t slept well. (i get palpitations every so often)

But now i’m wondering…. could i have had a mild heart attack?

I took aspirin due to the pain. I’ve read that aspirin can help/prevent heart attack. And i had very bad diarrhea the next morning (worst i’d had in like 10 years). I know that could have been unrelated… but i didn’t eat any off food, and i’ve also read that a heart attack can cause diarrhea.

I was diagnosed with an innocentheart murmur 2 years ago. I had a chest X-ray which was fine, and was due to have an ECG but things happened. And i didn’t rebook.

I’m 18.. but i’m not otherwise healthy. I’ve had fatigue and nausea (and many other ‘minor’ symptoms) for a couple of years following mono (although i didn’t have any other symptoms aside from the ones i mentioned above.. but EBV was in my blood so that was that..).

I’m planning to see a doctor soon because the fatigue has gone on far too long, but i don’t really want to come across as a hypochondriac (even though i know i probably am)

So… congrats if you made it this far.

Is it possible?

VAMPTASIA: My mum wasn’t home until evening, this happened in the early afternoon. She didn’t see how bad i actually was.. so please don’t think of her as a bad mother 🙂

She did offer to take me to the hospital when she got back, but as the pain had mostly gone .. i guess i just agreed with her that it was probably indigestion or something…

Dave answers:

OK, there are really two questions here, one direct the other implied. In response to whether you could theoretically survive a heart attack without medical attention the question is a tentative yes. People can have very minor ischemic events. This usually occurs when the symptoms are so mild that people dismiss them as something else. I saw a woman when I was a medical student who had chest pain three days before she came to the office. She had had a heart attack, a very small one. Now that having been said, any heart attack needs to be taken with the utmost seriousness. Eventhough that woman’s event had been three days before the visit she was immediately admitted to the hospital for observation and testing. While its possible it is never ever recommended and someone having symptoms should always seek medical attention.

Now, the second implied question is what the likelihood is that a 18 year old had a heart attack. Unless you are morbidly obese with a history of heart disease (rheumatic heart fever, congenital abnormality, etc, serious arrhythmia), brittle diabetic or raging cocaine/crystal meth user the likelihood that a 18 year old had a heart attack is unbelievably low. It would be way down near the bottom of a list of infinitely more likely problems including a panic attack, arrhythmia, or esophageal spasm.That having been said, I am not suggesting that your concern is without merit and that you shouldn’t bring it to your doctor’s attention. There are conditions, like thyroid disease, that can make symptoms like that occur and its worthwhile for the doc to have all the info to work with. So, I think you should tell him but I would encourage you not to worry about a heart attack unless the conditions I mentioned above apply.

Ruth asks…

I was born with a Heart Murmur?

So, just recently my mom told me i was born with a Heart Murmur.
I don’t think its that serious, cause i’ve never known this before. So it was probably just an innocent Heart Murmur.
But im just wondering is their any risk?
Im 15 years old & i sometimes smoke weed & cigarettes, but only socially. (Which i know is bad, but im stopping)
Im not addicted to it. I personally hate smoking marijuana, i’ve only done it a few times with friends.
So my concern is, because of my Heart Murmur can smoking increase diseases for me or anything?
Do i have a higher risk of getting diabetes or cancer?
Do i stop earlier than my friends while exercising?
Any info would be very appreciated, thank you!
& no rude comments… thanks.

Dave answers:

So was I… -and a pretty noisy one too, as I’ve been asked about it by every Doctor whose ever examined me over the past 56 Years (& I’ve seen a LOT of Them! ) !!! But don’t worry about it… As LONG as you keep to your Promise NOT to take up Smoking or Drugs- OR let your Weight “get away from you”- like too many people do when they get Older- you should be fine. The IMPORTANT Thing Is- that you take care of your Health as though your LIFE depended on it… Because the Reality IS, -it Does !!! So if you want the Guys to “love your Body”- YOU’D better love it TOO- & take good care of it ! 🙂

Linda asks…

I have been told that I have a innocent murmur and I worry,I have laid around for two Months Now IM scared?

(Please read all the way through before answering thanks)The doctor told me when I got a check up that I had an inncocent murmur.It scared me.I had never been told that I had a murmur before.They assured me that it wasn’t anything.Both doctors that I had seen told me that.I also hear my pulse in my ears which that was why I was there to start with.Its a pathological condition but I can still hear my heartbeat.It has worried me so much that I lay around and don’t do the things I used to and out of shape now.If I get up and get doing things I get out of breath and tired.We live in an high altitude which i didnt have problems with breathing until I found that I had am murmur.I never breathe hard.Is it the fact that I have lain around for two months why im feeling out of breath and tired or could it be that my heart has a worst condition.Also was diagnosed Post Tramatic Stress.depression makes you tired too?

Dave answers:

Functional heart murmurs caused by rushing of blood through the valve are very common. I think your symptoms are mental rather than organic.

Helen asks…

why does my heart hurt all the time?

my heart hurts most of the time. not a bad pain but a pain. and when i do things like run and stuff it gets worse. and its always worse during my period or a week before. i get sharp shooting pains sometimes that hurt like hell. and when i laugh no matter when it is, if i laugh to hard it hurts so bad and i can‘t breathe, cuz if i take to deep of breaths it gives a shooting pain. i don’t know what this is. i’ve been to the doctor a few years ago and the only thing they found was a heart murmur but its an innocent one and they can‘t do anything about it. i’ve noticed this pain for awhile now…a few years. i’ve also been anorexic for a few years. but i don’t think it is really related to that issue. i dk maybe it is….help plz

Dave answers:

I would not rule out that the two are not related.
You really need to get this checked out. You may have bad valves in your heart. In any case this is nothing to fool with. Go to the doctor and be persistent until you find the answer and get relief.

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