Diseases Caused by Smoking

by sirwiseowl It is and irony that despite 80% of smokers being aware of harmful smoking effects, are not able to quit smoking in the first attempt. Only around 7% smokers are able to say good bye to this habit in first attempt. What is it that stops a smoker form quitting this habit? It […]

6 Distinct Ways That Tobacco use May Damage Your Unborn Baby

During its unique stages of growth, your fetus will receive all its required nutrition from you. From the food you eat, the water you drink to the air you take in will help promote the continuing development of your baby into a healthy and balanced one. Obviously, this suggests that there’s no room for damaging […]

Giving up Cigarette smoking Benefits

Quitting smoking benefits you, your friends, your loved ones, people you meet on the street, take your pick. Everyone near you benefits from your giving up smoking. Yet how do you get it done? It appears really easy, a straightforward phrase; “I want to quit smoking.” But in reality it is among the most difficult […]

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