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Fat Loss Jump Start

 Dear friends with the holidays approaching and my favorite time of the year, I have got a free e book for you called Fat loss Jump Start. The book is 19 pages long and written by #1 bestselling author Isabel De Los Rios, If you pick it up today you could hold on to it and […]

Raw Food Diet: Heal Your Body, Get Energized And Feel Great!

You Can Feel More Energetic, Sleep Better And Protect Your Health By Eating Raw Foods. A Raw Food Diet Can Help Lower: Your Blood Pressure, Risk For Cancer, Heart Attack And Stroke. Raw Food Program Includes Vegan Diet And Recipe Bonuses With Meal Plans. Giving  your body what it needs to heal itself. Doing  away […]

Your Questions About Bursitis Shoulder Healing Time

Betty asks… How long does it take for Shoulder Bursitis to heal? I’m taking lots of Advil, icing it and giving it a substantial amount of rest. Does anyone know an approximate time of how long it will take to heal? thanks! Dave answers: Bursitis can last a long time or you may get some […]

How To Box Gold Account – Boxing Training And Workouts

For Fitness Or Competition, Learn The Basics Of Boxing And Boxing Nutrition To Achieve A Super-conditioned Body. Learn Boxing Tips, Techniques And Boxing Drills That Will Improve Your Fighting Abilities While Giving You A Super Fit And Ripped Body. How To Box Gold Account – Boxing Training And Workouts

How Others Have Lost Weight and How You Can Too

the power of pedaling can pummel your pounds I admit it. I have two sets of clothes. Seriously, I do. I have my winter fat clothes and my summer skinny clothes. In the Pacific Northwest when the sun begins to show its warm face in late April but, in the case June. Warm sunny days […]

A Complete Guide to Exercise for Older Adults and Seniors

A Complete Guide to Exercise for Older Adults and Seniors Written by a doctor and personal trainer this is a guide to exercise for older adults and seniors. It includes useful tips and takes readers through a complete work-out. Each exercise is pictured and can be modified to suit different fitness levels. It’s Never too […]

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Cycle

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Cycle Place This Portable Stationary Bike on the Floor and Cycle to Strengthen Legs Place It on a Tabletop and Operate with Your Hands for Firming up Hard-to-Tone Muscles under Arms Turn the Dial to Adjust the Resistance from a Light Workout to a Rigorous One Built-in Computer with LCD […]

Correcting Weight loss Mistakes

So you have tried everything to lose that spare 10, 20, 50? And… you just can’t seem to lose it no matter how hard you try. Her are a few mistakes you might be making along with practical solutions that will get you on the fast track to weight loss.

The Holy Grail of Building Muscle and Losing Fat REVEALED

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