Cardio Juvenate + Cardio Fitness Formula:

Highly beneficial exercising and eating for health and heart

According to world health organization, it is estimated that not less than 17 million people die every year around the globe due to cardiovascular or heart diseases. However, many of these are as a result of dangerous smoking habits as well as poor eating habits and lack of physical activities. For this reason, it is […]

Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease

Are you worried that you have arteriosclerotic heart disease ? How will you know that disease have strike you? Symptoms like left chest pain may indicate this disease. I will teach you how to learn and recognize this disease and its management in this article. Heart diseases are the topnotch killers worldwide. They can strike […]

Resveratrol Best Anti-Aging Resveratrol Supplement

Diabetes Secrets Unwrapped

Diabetes Secrets Unwrapped You Are About To Discover What Might Be The Most Powerful Facts About Diabetes. What Makes This E-book So Unique Is That It Gives You The Power To Help Those Who Are Not Diabetics, To Stay Diabetic Free And For Those Who Suffer From This Disease. Diabetes Secrets Unwrapped

Your Questions About Bursitis Shoulder Healing Time

Betty asks… How long does it take for Shoulder Bursitis to heal? I’m taking lots of Advil, icing it and giving it a substantial amount of rest. Does anyone know an approximate time of how long it will take to heal? thanks! Dave answers: Bursitis can last a long time or you may get some […]

Shocking Dangers of Plavix Revealed in 2nd Comparison Study

Visit the Mercola Video Library By Dr. Mercola Americans are a pill-popping population, taking an average of 13 different prescription drugs per capita as of last year’s statistics.1 Children in the US are the most medicated in the world, averaging out at four prescriptions per child. Among seniors, drug use is beyond epidemic, averaging out […]

Your Questions About Carrot Juice Acne

Lizzie asks… can high intake of Vit A in fish oil or carrot juice help to get rid of acne or oily skin and tinea versicolor what can suppress the activity of sebaceous glands so that they produce less oil into the skin?can laser hari removal help to destroy the sebaceous glands too? Dave answers: […]

Stories of Pioneers who are Recovering from Parkinson’s Disease

Stories of Pioneers who are Recovering from Parkinson’s Disease People with Parkinson’s Disease talk about what they are doing to get relief from their symptoms and feel better. Health care practitioners talk about their recent discoveries. Interviews by Robert Rodgers from Parkinsons Recovery. Stories of Pioneers who are Recovering from Parkinson’s Disease

Heart Disease Video: Cause & Cure By Linus Pauling

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