Creatine: A Practical Guide.

The important part about creatine is to learn how to most effectively combine exercise, nutrition and smart creatine use for explosive muscle growth and improved overall health. Creatine: A Practical Guide.  

Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder, 600g

Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder, 600g Made with CreaPure Creatine Increases muscle strength and power Improves performance in high-intensity exercise Increase energy levels and speed up recovery rates Enhance energy reserves in muscles while minimizing protein breakdown Each serving supplies a full 5 grams (5000 mg) of 99.9% pure Creapure(tm) brand Creatine Monohydrate. ,. The patented […]

New Study: Vitamins Alter Aging

The next time you hear some nay-saying doctor claiming that there is no evidence that vitamins actually do anything show him this:

MEN: Don’t Let "Them" Rob Your Potency And Turn You into a Woman…

As a man, you should have far more testosterone – the male hormone – than “female” estrogen. But the opposite may be true.

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