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Fat Combat System – Easy Diet Plan

Dear Friend, Have you ever tried to go on a diet to lose weight, only to find that despite the hunger and frustration, you didn’t manage to lose any weight? Trying to lose weight is a tough and relentless effort. You starve yourself for days hoping to lose a few pounds, only to find youself […]

How To Box Gold Account – Boxing Training And Workouts

For Fitness Or Competition, Learn The Basics Of Boxing And Boxing Nutrition To Achieve A Super-conditioned Body. Learn Boxing Tips, Techniques And Boxing Drills That Will Improve Your Fighting Abilities While Giving You A Super Fit And Ripped Body. How To Box Gold Account – Boxing Training And Workouts

The Importance of Water Consumption

The following will probably amaze and startle you… One glass of water shuts down midnight hunger pangs for almost 100% of the dieters studied in a University study. Lack of water is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue. Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water a day could significantly ease ! back and joint […]

Aerobics and Cardio Are DEAD

Fitness Expert Dr. Al Sears, MD, Says… “Aerobics and Cardio Are DEAD” Why is my colleague, Dr. Al Sears, MD, telling people to stop doing aerobics and cardio… throw away your jogging shoes… and skip the gym? Could it be that traditional exercise is actually bad for you? Could it be that if you practice […]

Melt Away Fat and Prevent Heart Attacks in Just 12 Minutes a Day

Ditch those tiresome aerobic workouts! They’re actually making your heart and lungs smaller – and increasing your risk of disease. And jumping around for 45 minutes to an hour or more is not helping you lose weight, either! PACE® proves once-and-for-all that a great body and vibrant health does NOT have to be difficult, time […]

No Added Sugar Low Glycemic Gluten Free Brownies

Who doesn’t like brownies? I know I do. This is a really unique recipe I have been working on over the weekend and I am sure I have it perfected. These brownies are super moist and tasty. The best part is they are gluten free, low glycemic, low carb, diabetic safe and low sugar. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Bon appétit!

Tired of the Old 3 Sets of 10-12?

Everyone will inadvertently hit a frustrating plateau in their training at one time or another. You’re cruising along for a while, gaining strength, losing fat, looking better, and then all of the sudden it hits. Suddenly, you find yourself even weaker than before on your lifts, or you find that you’ve gained back a couple of pounds. It happens to everyone.

What everyone wants to know about the “Holy Grail Body Transformation

This week, a program that you could honestly say is truly revolutionary, was just published. The reason you could call it a breakthrough is because it is the only body transformation program ever released that shows you how to:

* gain muscle without losing fat
* lose fat without losing muscle
* gain muscle and lose fat *at the same time!
(the “holy grail” of body transformation goals)

1-minute fatloss tip for this week…

Got a minute?

That’s all I need to share Jon Benson’s first of many video-based 1-minute fatloss tips.

Go here for the first of many….

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