Diseases Caused by Smoking

It is and irony that despite 80% of smokers being aware of harmful smoking effects, are not able to quit smoking in the first attempt. Only around 7% smokers are able to say good bye to this habit in first attempt. What is it that stops a smoker form quitting this habit?

It takes a few attempts before a smoker finally quit cigarette smoking. For some it could be the harmful smoking effects, for others it may be the good amount of money that can be saved by quitting this habit. The motivating factor can be anything for quitting this habit if you are really aware of damages it can cause to your body and mind.

• Lung cancer: A smoker’s lung is completely coated by tar which makes its way to lungs and cause cancer. The smoke paralyses the cilia; lungs filtering system first which enables tar to enter lungs.

• Heart diseases: most of the heart diseases are caused by narrowed arteries which does not let the heart take enough blood. Smoking also increases the risk of blood clotting which in simple terms means if a blood clot forms it suddenly stops the blood flow to heart which causes heart attack.

• High blood pressure: A smoker’s heart has to pump very hard to supply oxygen to all parts of the body. With the increasing pressure of blood on the walls of blood vessels heart starts beating fast. This is also known as hypertension.

• Aging: harmful smoking effects are not limited to our lungs and heart only, you start aging very fast. Wrinkles start forming on your face.

Instead of waiting for New Year day or any special occasion to take a resolution to stop smoking, just start now and take the first step to quit smoking. Read the review of a revolutionary product called smoke deter a spray that helps you quit smoking in first attempt.

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