When Fire Met Food, the Brains of Early Humans Grew Bigger

Generally speaking, the larger the mammal, the larger its brain will be. Humans are a bit of an anomaly among primates, however, because we have the largest brain and number of neurons, but not the largest body. Great apes, for instance, have much bigger bodies than humans, yet much smaller brains. How humans came to […]

Fat Loss Jump Start

 Dear friends with the holidays approaching and my favorite time of the year, I have got a free e book for you called Fat loss Jump Start. The book is 19 pages long and written by #1 bestselling author Isabel De Los Rios, If you pick it up today you could hold on to it and […]

Fat Combat System – Easy Diet Plan

Dear Friend, Have you ever tried to go on a diet to lose weight, only to find that despite the hunger and frustration, you didn’t manage to lose any weight? Trying to lose weight is a tough and relentless effort. You starve yourself for days hoping to lose a few pounds, only to find youself […]

Raw Food Diet: Heal Your Body, Get Energized And Feel Great!

You Can Feel More Energetic, Sleep Better And Protect Your Health By Eating Raw Foods. A Raw Food Diet Can Help Lower: Your Blood Pressure, Risk For Cancer, Heart Attack And Stroke. Raw Food Program Includes Vegan Diet And Recipe Bonuses With Meal Plans. Giving  your body what it needs to heal itself. Doing  away […]

Shocking Dangers of Plavix Revealed in 2nd Comparison Study

Visit the Mercola Video Library By Dr. Mercola Americans are a pill-popping population, taking an average of 13 different prescription drugs per capita as of last year’s statistics.1 Children in the US are the most medicated in the world, averaging out at four prescriptions per child. Among seniors, drug use is beyond epidemic, averaging out […]

The Most Ripped Man Of The Year

I just received an e mail form my good friend Tom Venuto you may have heard of him he is an all natural body builder. I have learned a lot from his philosophy and training methods not to mention some great information on nutrition. Any way he holds some of the best fitness competitions , […]

How To Box Gold Account – Boxing Training And Workouts

For Fitness Or Competition, Learn The Basics Of Boxing And Boxing Nutrition To Achieve A Super-conditioned Body. Learn Boxing Tips, Techniques And Boxing Drills That Will Improve Your Fighting Abilities While Giving You A Super Fit And Ripped Body. How To Box Gold Account – Boxing Training And Workouts

Men After Divorce – Divorce Recovery For Guys

This is something I wish was out there when I found myself in this exact situation, do not go it alone there is a better way. Men After Divorce – Divorce Recovery For Guys Help Men Devestated By Divorce To Rebuild Their Lives And Be Free Of Depression, Anger, Guilt, And Other Issues Arising From […]

New Fat Loss Information You Need To Know

Hey Friends Just the other day, I shared one of my favorite resources when it comes to nutrition and fat loss. If you missed it, you can watch the totally free video here: The Diet Solution If you’ve already watched it, then you were introduced to one of my favorite nutrition authors, Isabel De Los […]

If you want to Lose Fat – Stop the CONFUSION Right Now!

Hey Friends If you’ve ever spent even 2 minutes on the internet, it’s pretty clear that there is no shortage of weight loss, fat loss, and diet advice out in the world today. In a way, this is kind of a good thing.  If someone is motivated to lose weight and change the direction of […]

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